Penni Pearson pastel & oil artist


The most important ally in the study of painting is the art of thinking.
Edgar A. Payne

Art is based on emotional understanding, on the feeling of the unknown which lies behind the visible and the tangible, and on creative power; the power, that is, to reconstruct in visible forms the artist's sensations, feelings, visions and moods, especially a certain fugitive sensation, which is in fact the feeling of the harmonious interconnection and the feeling of the "soul" of one's subject.
P.D. Ouspensky

My philosophy of art incorporates these two statements. It is critical to be able to make clear and proper decisions in art involving design, color, stroke, light and subject matter. It is also critical; however, to convey the "fugitive sensation" of the "harmonious interconnection" and the "soul" of one's subject.

My mediums are pastel and oil. I paint light upon objects, especially in nature; I call them Land Escapes. They are a window to a world where the viewer can embrace a moment of serenity, peace and beauty.

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